Baskets for Babies

2nd Annual Disc Golf Tournament

September 24th-28th

The Baby Showers are an hour-long class that covers;  "Safe Sleep", "The Period of Purple Crying", "Basic Car Seat Safety" and recall safety.
The class will last approximately 1 hour, followed by a visit to the layette room to "shop" for your baby items. (30 minutes-1 hour) (Depending on how many people are attending that day.)  You will also be briefly interviewed to discuss your other needs.
*Please call to let us know which class you would like to attend. Due to the "class" atmosphere and limited space, we ask that you do not bring children as they disrupt the class and space is limited. 

Spouse/significant other are welcome and encouraged to come! (*non-mobile babies welcome - not crawling/walking)

Please call the office and leave; your full name, phone number,  and which class you plan to attend. We will call to confirm.

Office: 509-214-2634

Babies are especially vulnerable during the first few months of their lives. Being able to provide their baby with a safe bed

and basic necessities increases the self-esteem of new mothers in need and makes for happier, more confident moms and dads.

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Baskets for Babies fundraiser Wednesday October 1st. We are partnering up with Monterey Café as part of their “Give back Wednesday” promotion. We will be their Charity of the Day and will donate 20% of their gross sales to Baskets for Babies. This fundraiser will run the entire day 11am-2am of October 1st. 
In order to receive baby items, all parents are required to attend a "Baby Shower" class, 
in the last trimester of your pregnancy. (You may take this class, up to three months after your baby is born.)

         * Our program currently serves expectant parents in their last trimester, and families with a new baby, up to the age of 3 months.

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