"Thank you for the wonderful baby shower class...very informative and enjoyable :) Thank you to all your sponsors, and this great contribution to the community!

God class you in all your endeavors."


"I loved the class I attended today...I learned a lot of stuff...I am so thankful for the baby items...I have no idea what I would have done if it hadn't been for Baskets for Babies...

Thank you so much !!!!!"

Clothing banks

Food Banks

Diaper Banks


"Thank you Baskets for Babies for your wonderful service and amazing gift to our community. I would encourage any new parent s to attend this class. It is very informative and the goodies Tammi put together are perfect- its all the essentials needed for your new arrival. You are truly and angel here on earth...God Bless <3"

*Baskets for Babies is permanently closed as of November 15th, 2019.

For help with infant items, please check theLocal Resourcespage.

(these are also listed on the Facebook group Mighty Mamas of the PNW)

Need a safe bed for your baby? contact your local Cribs for Kids partner

Our website will close on July 13th 2020 ~

*For updates on local events, resources and safety you can join the Facebook group

Mighty Mamas of the PNW, ran by former volunteers of our program.

The time has come to announce that we are dissolving Baskets for Babies, at the end of November. It is heartbreaking but, beautiful at the same time. We have been serving the Spokane area for almost 10 years. We were founded at a time when I was trying to help my daughters provide for their new babies, which grew to a love for all babies, and their safety.

It's been quite a ride! I've learned, I've cried, I've celebrated, I've screamed, I've painted, polished, picked up, dropped off, set up, torn down, moved things here and there and back again, I've prepared, negotiated, maneuvered, fought for what I believed in, I've taught and trained, and showed others a safer way of parenting, I've met wonderful people, and lost a few along the way; (we will never forget you Jess!) I have worked my heart out and I wouldn't trade it for anything. They always say that when one door closes another door opens, In my case some doors have opened, bringing the time, for our doors to close, at Baskets for Babies.

We have struggled a great deal over the last few years, we almost shut our doors in 2016, and again in 2017, due to a lack of volunteers, donations and funding. 2018 was a bit kinder and we were able to expand our program a bit. Unfortunately 2019 was a tough one, and the funding and support hasn't been there. As I get older, (many of you are aware that I have had some severe health issues over the years,) I want to take these next couple years to spend with my daughter as she moves to adult hood and out of our home. I have an upcoming surgery this fall, that will leave me slightly useless for the winter months (in a sling); my grand kids are growing up and we want to enjoy them and some quiet time in our little home. In the spring, my husband and I will be putting all our time into finally building (by ourselves) our home. He has stood beside me and supported me in my dreams the last several years, and now it is time to pursues “our” dreams. It's time to focus on my own family, not that I won't miss all of the families I have worked with here at Baskets for Babies.

We will be spending the remainder of this year, finishing up our last few classes and making sure the programs and items we have, get put into the hands of our partner agencies, to be put to the best used in our community. Our last class will be November 14th. I encourage moms, due in the spring of 2020, to attend this class.

I've made some beautiful friendships on this journey. I'm thankful for every one of those. We have loved serving our families, rejoicing, learning, and even crying with them. I and my staff, thank each and every one of you for the years of love and encouragement.

~Ms. Tammi