Our office is currently closed until further notice.

I am saddened that we cannot help our clients at this time,

we ask for your continued prayers that we are back open very soon,

and the matters at hand have been remedied. Please keep the prayers coming. 

You may direct your concerns to the office email/phone number.


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Our Services


                                    *  Maternity clothing bank

                                                *  Expectant/New parent support

                                                *  Newborn items (clothing , diapers, equipment)

                                                *  Safe sleep education

                                                *  Car seat safety

                                                *  Preemie Care packages (through Erin's Mercy)

                                       Already a parent?

                                                *  Children's clothing bank (infant thru teen sizes)

                                                *  Diaper closet (size 0-6)   Formula (as available)

                                                *  Halloween costume loan ( in October)

                                                *  Equipment loan; strollers, high chairs, etc. 

                                                *  Grief support 

                                                *  Family friendly events

                                                *  Community resources - Washington

                                                *  Community resources - Idaho

                                                *  Car seat recycling




Baskets for Babies believes in networking with other local agencies, to serve the needs of the community in the best possible way!

Need diapers?   Need a car seat?   Need clothing?   Need food? 

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