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Our Services


                                    *  Maternity clothing bank

                                                *  Expectant/New parent support

                                                *  Newborn items (clothing , diapers, equipment)

                                                *  Safe sleep education

                                                *  Car seat safety

                                                *  Preemie Care packages (through Erin's Mercy)

                                       Already a parent?

                                                *  Children's clothing bank (infant thru teen sizes)

                                                *  Diaper closet (size 0-6)   Formula (as available)

                                                *  Halloween costume loan ( in October)

                                                *  Equipment loan; strollers, high chairs, etc. 

                                                *  Grief support 

                                                *  Family friendly events

                                                *  Community resources - Washington

                                                *  Community resources - Idaho

                                                *  Car seat recycling




Baskets for Babies believes in networking with other local agencies, to serve the needs of the community in the best possible way!

Need diapers?   Need a car seat?   Need clothing?   Need food? 

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