"Babies are especially vulnerable during the first few months of their lives. Being able to provide their baby with a safe bed and basic necessities increases the self-esteem of new mothers in need and makes for happier, more confident moms and dads."In order to receive baby items,  parents are required to attend a "Baby Shower" class, in the last trimester of your pregnancy. 

(You may take this class, up to three months after your baby is born.)

* We serve WA and Id low income families; expectant parents in their last trimester, and newborns up to age 3 months ONLY.
(For help with older kids please visit our resource page for local agencies.)

* registered low income parents

receive a gender specific layette for their baby

~clothing, blankets, toys, bottles, new book,

diapers, wipes, baby wash, and a sleep sack

*If you are not registered by May 13th by midnight ,

we will have not made you a layette.

* Our May class is for moms

due in May, June and July

(or anyone with an infant under 3 months of age that haven't taken a class)

set for May 18th, 2018 from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Need Assistance?

  • your full legal name    
  • gender of your baby                            
  • due date ( birth date if already born) 
  • If you have used our services before     

*Baskets for Babies serves low income families in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Need a safe bed for your baby? contact your local Cribs for Kids partner

You MUST REGISTER to receive a layette.
*we ONLY assist up to age 3 months
(For help with older kids please visit our resource page for local agencies.)
Please register through our event page on Facebook.


If you do not have a Facebook account you can leave the same info on our message line.
Message only number: 509-214-2634

If you need to speak to someone, or have a question -
please use our online form.
(check our frequently asked questions first)

*Classes start promptly-
please be 15 minutes early to complete paperwork.
If you are late, you will have to reschedule.
*We close the doors at about 15 minutes after the hour.

If you are late you need to reschedule- We cover a ton of information, and you must attend the entire class to get your layette. No exceptions.

*Due to the "class" atmosphere and limited space, we ask that you do not bring small children as they disrupt the class and space is limited.  Spouse/significant/grandparents other are welcome and encouraged to come! 

(*non-mobile babies welcome - not crawling/walking)

When you walk in to the Spokane Valley Library  (not the Argonne Library) , go to the right - take the elevator to level B. Meeting room is to the right.