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Winners of the Benefit Tournament 2014

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Baskets for Babies Benefit Tournament

here's just one persons opinion of that first event!‎

"Yesterday was the most fun I've had playing disc golf in a long time. If you didn't come down to the Basket for Babies fundraiser, you missed out. The event was a great time! Great tee shirt, great disc, great atmosphere, best trophies ever. Huge raffle, huge ring of fire, all for a great cause that I will be supporting and helping out with as much as humanly possible. Thanks to Team Inky for helping run the event, Jaymie for the artwork on these too cool for school shirts, Bob and the SDGA for helping out behind the scenes and the constant help for any local tournament. To all the sponsors that donated food and beverages for us hungry and thirsty disc golfers. To all the players who showed up and donated their money for an awesome cause. Of course last but not least, Derek Cartwright Sr. This guy just decided to sponsor me in to the event as I didn't have any cash, drove my a** out to the event, watched me take home first place and was the tournament director. Thank you so much guys! I'll be there next year"

Stuart Autry‎
August 25, 2013