Please sign your church or business up for our "Fill the Manger" program!

November through January are the crisis months for many service

providers because of the onset of damp, chilly weather and the holidays.

It's also the end of the year, when the donations and inventory are

typically low. Thanks to our 'Fill the Manger' program, we are able to

restock shelves in the rough months with diapers, baby wash, blankets,

and clothing. (We also accept new and gently used cribs, pack n plays.)

A manger can be large or small. If you are interested in starting one in

your workplace, faith community, or elsewhere, we will be happy to help

you get started. We can provide you with a list of items, and suggestions

for collecting . Baskets for Babies, "Fill the Manger" program, was built

from the idea of Seattle's Baby Corner, Crib Communities. The Baby

Corner began in 1988 as a simple cardboard box placed in St. Joseph

Church on Capitol Hill., in Seattle, WA. The box was soon replaced by a

white crib, making St. Joseph the first Crib Community, whose members regularly donate infant and toddler items to the Baby Corner. Since 1988, the Baby Corner has acquired several more local Crib Communities. Thanks to Danny Siegel, who founded Ziv Tzedakah Fund, the Baby Corner's crib program has also served as the model for Mitzvah Cribs in synagogues and Jewish communal agencies across the nation.

“Fill the Manger” is important because it provides a renewed stream of in-kind donations to Baskets for Babies. Participants also benefit because their own members are providing an opportunity to teach young children about compassion, as well as service opportunities for older children. Sponsoring a crib is also a great, socially responsible way to recycle usable clothing and equipment. Any way you look at it, it's a rewarding enterprise for everyone involved!

If you would like to participate in the "Fill the Manger" program, we strive to make it a painless process:
* We provide a sturdy, used crib with side rails

* There must be a location where the drop site is accessible.

* Our volunteers will pickup donations.


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*If you have arranged for donations to be picked up from you, and to make sure your donations are getting to us, please feel free to ask your pick-up person for ID.

Authorized donation Pick-up: Spokane

Authorized Donation Pick-up: Idaho       -Tamara McClellan & - Brenda Palmer

Located at: 16814 E. Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA Next to URM
Hours:   Monday 10AM–6PM thru Sunday 10AM–6PM    

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Located at: 3028 S. Grand Blvd. Near 29th and Grand
Hours:   Monday 10AM–6PM thru Saturday 10AM–6PM    

Want to help?


Mail your donation to:

Baskets for Babies
P.O. Box 14594
Spokane Valley, WA

You will be mailed a receipt






* Baskets for Babies is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

All donations go to assist families with their infant needs- Baskets for Babies is 100% volunteer ran!
if you want to verify our IRS status it is available online

Got Donations?

We have always been an open book, here at Baskets for Babies, and that being said...

  We would like to share emailed concerns as well as our responses to those concerns, here.

( the numbers paragraphs are the concerns from the email, followed by our founder's personal statements. )

1.some parents don't have the luxury of being able to not bring older children. (would you want to turn away a widowed mom to be just because she can't find proper child care for her appointment) some of us live in the real world and have no other options.

We would love to still have a building to operate out of, but due to lack of funding; having a room for kids, and volunteers to help out with those kids, it is not possible at this time. The class is about 2 hours long, and we have found the wee ones cannot sit still that long. Most of our clients have a significant other or a family member to help out, and we post the classes about 60 days in advance to allow time to find childcare. We understand it is hard for some families to find childcare, we follow many mommy pages on Facebook, and there are many moms willing to help out, for those who's kids are not in school, daycare or head start, there is always the option of Vanessa Behan. There are so many things in life where this is also the situation; doctor appointments ( most often kids are not allowed at an ultrasound, Ive often had to watch my grand kids because of this), going to court, employment related appointments and many others I'm sure. We have allowed kids to sneak in, in the past, and toddlers can pose a issue, when we are trying to get so much information into a two hour class, it can be very difficult for our volunteers, and distracting to parents who are trying to learn.

2. Limiting your services to so young will evidently limit your contributions in the future.

When we were faced with our building closing, almost 3 years ago? our small board and volunteers discussed how best to assist our families.
When we were first founded our focus was on the new babies and their mommies.I was the only one doing the work as we didn't even have our filing with the state yet. I purchased a lot of the items on my own, putting together a bassinet with a layette and diapers and such, and personally delivered them to the families in Washington AND in Idaho, all on my own dime. Having the building brought us great joy and we loved being able to offer so many resources for our families, as well as watching our families grow.
CAPA has a baby bank of sorts and there is a small layette program at Valley Partners, there is also some help through Mission Outreach. Spokane has many clothing banks, as well as God's Closet and Kira's Closet for children's clothing. All of which we list on our Resource page. With the banning of dropside cribs in June 2011, many cribs in the Lend a Crib program through the Kiwanis were unusable, and the man in charge, Mr Dick Avery, has since retired to our knowledge. Thus leaving the need for cribs in our area. There are a couple agencies that get some funding for cribs, however the programs, still leave a gap we hope to fill. We decided to scale back, and go with our original plan, of helping brand new babies. Our focus is to provide new parents with a starter pack of information and a large layette, to give them a good leg up. We miss our office too, but our safety message was what we chose to focus on for our agency.

3. Requiring the class is great however there are some home bound mothers that could also use your services but I guess they are the unlucky ones.

We are no different than any other agency in the Spokane area. Moms have to attend appointments with doctors, WIC and also have to go shopping and other day to day life things; they seem to manage fairly well. Personally I can remember living on a state check, 20 some years ago, walking to the store, walking to do laundry , walking to clothing banks to get the things my kids needed. I do what I do, because I have struggled, and I know how hard it can be. We hold our classes at the Spokane Library to make sure we are no more than a block from the bus line, for convenience. We hold classes every other month, allowing moms to attend one of 3 classes. For example. Say we have a mom due in January.. She can attend the November class ( for Nov, Dec and Jan moms) , She could attend the January class, or she could attend the March class, which would hit the 3 month mark. (our layettes are mainly newborn to 3-6 month items.) We do hear from many moms on bed rest and they attend after baby is born and still get the items for their baby. We work closely with the shelters, DSHS , WIC, visiting nurses, treatment facilities and the school districts. If anyone has an issue, we encourage them to contact us directly to see how we can best assist them. No one is left in the cold, on our part; only by choosing not to reach out.

4. I am sure you have seen a drop in donations since you partnered with SVP there is a reason why. They have the same strict guidelines and leave people cold and hungry because of formalities (like being in between homes for more than one month) they are bullies and that one of the main reasons WIC left there.

We have always had a working relationship with Spokane Valley Partners. In fact before we ever really got the ball rolling nearly 8 years ago, We reached out to every agency we could find, to let them know who we were and what we had to offer, so that we could better work with them. We do have some guidelines, but any agency will have set rules to make sure everything is fair, not only to the clients but in our case, to our volunteers who offer their time free of charge. We are ALL volunteers at this time, no one gets paid for the work we do, to supply these parents with the items they receive. Most people don't realize that we spend hours standing on concrete in a storage unit, in the cold and the heat, sorting donations and making layettes. On class day, we load up all the layettes and supplies, and haul them to the library to set up, teach the class, provide snacks (provided by one of our lead volunteers, on her dime) and then after the class, tear it all down and haul it back to storage. At the end of class day, we are tired but feel good, about the ones we were able to assist. We love what we do. We even have two events now, Santa and the Easter Bunny, where we give up a Saturday, to set up, and provide for ALL FAMILIES who want to attend. We do these events for the wee ones.. We do it all for them. <3 We give up our time with our families and friends to reach out and help moms, just like us. We do what we do, because we have been there.
However, from the very start, we have never believed in a hand out, rather a HAND-UP. We do not have the manpower to go to each family and deliver items; with that said, neither do any of the other agencies in town. Yes, we started out that way, but the number of people we assist, has grown exponentially, and the time, energy, gas, and funds, just aren't there.
Our only qualifications for assistance are;
* be in your last trimester or baby 3 months or under,
* proof of need/low income (WIC folder is fine),
* proof of multiple births ( for twins they get 2 layettes, triplets 3)

* attend one of our two hour baby shower /safety class events.
For that they receive a layette, larger than any other agency locally, and possibly a crib. ( those guidelines are set by us and the agencies we receive the cribs from). AND we are always willing to try to accommodate, depending on the circumstances. We actually had a toddler in our last class, best behaved child Ive seen in 8 years.
We don't care where you live, Washington or Idaho. We have had families from as far as Grand Coulee, Lewiston, and even one from Montana. CPS involved? we love working with reunification, and work closely with many case workers to best provide for those families in need. are receiving a lot of public contributions from businesses in the area that will suffer as soon as they hear about your new policies.

Actually, we haven't been receiving a lot of contributions, I can count our cash donors from 2017 on one hand in the last year. We have one donor that always comes through when we need him, we are blessed and probably still afloat thanks to him <3. One of our lead volunteers blesses us beyond measure and I doubt I'll ever be able to thank her enough. <3 As far as businesses, we had a few businesses that give us donations for our Fundraisers, but nothing on going. Many of our raffle baskets for fundraisers, come from our volunteers and partner agencies. Our donations have been down the last three years, since losing our building. We love our donors, but it is in fact their money, and I would hope that if one of our donors had an issue, they would reach out to us personally, as I am always willing to discuss our organization and the way we run it. Should they decide to donate elsewhere that is their personal choice, and we stand behind their decision. Baskets for Babies was founded by a couple of moms, who wanted to give back, because we have known the struggle, and want to help. At the same time, we have to do so in such a fashion as we don't cut our own throats, so to speak. Our current polices have been in place for nearly 3 years, and change only slightly as the need arises. Again, we are all volunteers and the donations we receive go to fund the program, mostly in cribs, diapers, but also filing fees we have to renew yearly.

6.just because it looks good on paper doesn't mean it's good for your cause. There are a few other things but I will leave this to be examined as for now my donation will go to another company more inclusive of the mother's that really need it. Sincerely,

Lastly, I will add that our volunteers follow many Facebook groups, and we have faithful moms, who follow them as well. We had to tighten up a little in the last month, due to a few incidents, I will tell you of just one. We recently had a mom attend a class and get approved for a loaner crib, only to later be caught selling and giving away items she had received less than 24 hours later. As far as the loaner crib, she was also seen selling a similar crib that she owned, and therefore was deemed to not be in need of a crib, since she already had one. Had we not been apprised of this situation, she would have gotten a crib, and another mom in need who really needed it, would have gone without. We try to reach as many moms that truly need the help as we can. Again, if anyone ever has any questions or concerns, we hope they reach out and talk to us directly, as our goal is to assist moms and dads, and give them a hand up..
Thank you.

-Tamara McCLellan, Salina Shelp & Terri Reugh

- Misty White - Renee Crosen - Rebekka Susso - Helen Crosen


We are so blessed to have new drop off locations for your new and gently used donations

~We only stock 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing.

We are accepting:

New and gently used ~
newborn to 6 months
all baby related items,

bibs, towels, burp rags,
diapers (sz 1's )
diaper wipes
baby wash/Shampoo
pack n plays
infant toy

*contact us directly about pick up for large items:

non drop side cribs, strollers, swings, etc. please do not drop these at a drop off location.

~we do not loan full size cribs
~we do not loan car seats
~we no longer do larger children's items
~we no longer do maternity
*See our community resources page for agencies that help with these items

 ~If you have donations or returns, please email your name, address and number along with a list of what you have or drop them at one of our events.

Donation Drop Off Locations

 Thank you to our constant supporter, ABC Mini Storage-Spokane Valley. We have stored our stuff with them for many years, attended events with them and now they have stepped   forward to fill a much needed void, by being our donation drop!

Donations can always be dropped off during an event, or class at the valley library,

or contact us for a pick up

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Need storage?.. Give Angela a call over at ABC, and tell her Baskets for Babies sent you!

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To make our sorting easier, here are a few tips:

~clip, pin, or rubber band outfits together

~make sure shoes and socks are together

it is helpful when putting items away, try to have items;

~right side out

~zipped and/or snapped

~place like items together; girls sleepers, boy socks, etc. that way each bag can be emptied right into the correct bin

~if there are stained or damaged items, please toss those, as we have to pay to dispose of them.

We want to give our moms things they can use  

Located at: 11506 E Indiana Rd, Spokane Valley, WA
Hours:   Monday 9AM–6PM thru  Saturday 9AM–6PM     Sunday 10AM–4PM 

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