Please sign your church or business up for our "Fill the Manger" program!

November through January are the crisis months for many service

providers because of the onset of damp, chilly weather and the holidays.

It's also the end of the year, when the donations and inventory are

typically low. Thanks to our 'Fill the Manger' program, we are able to

restock shelves in the rough months with diapers, baby wash, blankets,

and clothing. (We also accept new and gently used cribs, pack n plays.)

A manger can be large or small. If you are interested in starting one in

your workplace, faith community, or elsewhere, we will be happy to help

you get started. We can provide you with a list of items, and suggestions

for collecting . Baskets for Babies, "Fill the Manger" program, was built

from the idea of Seattle's Baby Corner, Crib Communities. The Baby

Corner began in 1988 as a simple cardboard box placed in St. Joseph

Church on Capitol Hill., in Seattle, WA. The box was soon replaced by a

white crib, making St. Joseph the first Crib Community, whose members regularly donate infant and toddler items to the Baby Corner. Since 1988, the Baby Corner has acquired several more local Crib Communities. Thanks to Danny Siegel, who founded Ziv Tzedakah Fund, the Baby Corner's crib program has also served as the model for Mitzvah Cribs in synagogues and Jewish communal agencies across the nation.

“Fill the Manger” is important because it provides a renewed stream of in-kind donations to Baskets for Babies. Participants also benefit because their own members are providing an opportunity to teach young children about compassion, as well as service opportunities for older children. Sponsoring a crib is also a great, socially responsible way to recycle usable clothing and equipment. Any way you look at it, it's a rewarding enterprise for everyone involved!

If you would like to participate in the "Fill the Manger" program, we strive to make it a painless process:
* We provide a sturdy, used crib with side rails

* There must be a location where the drop site is accessible.

* Our volunteers will pickup donations.


Mail your donation to:

Baskets for Babies
P.O. Box 14594
Spokane Valley, WA

You will be mailed a receipt

To make our sorting easier, here are a few tips:

~clip, pin, or rubber band outfits together

~make sure shoes and socks are together

it is helpful when putting items away, try to have items;

~right side out

~zipped and/or snapped

~place like items together; girls sleepers, boy socks, etc. that way each bag can be emptied right into the correct bin

~if there are stained or damaged items, please toss those, as we have to pay to dispose of them.

We want to give our moms things they can use  

North Wall Schools 2014

*If you have arranged for donations to be picked up from you, and to make sure your donations are getting to us,

please feel free to ask your pick-up person for ID.

Authorized donation Pick-up: Spokane

Authorized Donation Pick-up: Idaho       -Tamara McClellan & - Brenda Palmer

Got Donations?

-Tamara McCLellan, Salina Shelp & Terri Reugh -any location

-Jeanne Tucker & Misty White - north
- Rebekka Susso -airway hts
- Renee Crosen -Valley
- Helen Crosen -Any

Want to help?

Donations can always be dropped off during an event/class, at the valley library, or contact us for a pick up

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Want to donate? just don't have the time? we have a huge wish list of items we would love to have in stock to give our parents- all price ranges, and all tax deductible! you just click, pay, and Amazon takes care of the rest! Click here!

~We only stock 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing.

We are accepting:

preemie thru 3/6 months,
all baby related items,
diapers (sz 1's )
diaper wipes
baby wash/Shampoo
pack n plays
infant toy

~we do not loan full size cribs

~we do not loan car seats

~we no longer do larger children's items 

~we no longer do maternity

*See our community resources page for agencies that help with these items

 ~If you have donations or returns, please email your name, address and number along with a list of what you have or drop them at one of our events.

* Baskets for Babies is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

All donations go to assist families with their infant needs- Baskets for Babies is 100% volunteer ran!
if you want to verify our IRS status it is available online

Unfortunately our northside drop site, has closed and can no longer accept donations. We thank them for all their help and support and wish them all the best on their future endeavors.

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