Fundraiser & Flea Market !

September 29th, 2018

12-6 pm

All are welcome to join our event at University Mercantile.

We are raising money for Baskets for Babies.
At the event you will find a Dunk Tank featuring some of our communities finest leaders as well as some social icons we see often.
You can also pay to have a warrant put out for a friend or family member,
where they will be jailed and forced to eat cookies, until someone pays to bail them out.
We also would like the communities support in contributing to the bake sale.
All profits generated from all 3 of these will go directly to Baskets for Babies.

We have tallied as many as 410 families in the government subsidized housing in the 99001 area, that have voiced concern to the apartment management as well as their neighbors about their access to help getting the basic needs each student must have for the first day of school. This need is tremendous as we haven’t even canvased the trailer parks or other areas with a large low income population out in the 99001 zip code. If we are able to obtain enough donations, I know we can help make the 2018-2019 school year successful for all the kids in the 99001 zip code.
 The school supply distribution in Cheney is for Cheney residents only and the Salvation Army covers all of Spokane County. We would like to make this available to all low income residents in the 99001 zip code.
Verification of residency in 99001 as well as the number of school aged children and grades of the children that are in each home. A copy of the school registration form is usually acceptable to verify all the necessary requirements.  DISTRIBUTION  August 27th, 2018- Airway Hts Library-

You can drop donations at any of our drop off locations

or donate by clicking the button to the left, please mention "school supplies" when donating!

Upcoming Events

*If you are not registered by September 2nd by midnight ,
we will have not made you a layette.

* Our September class is for moms
due in September, October and November.
(or anyone with an infant under 3 months of age that haven't taken a class) set for September 7th, 2018 from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

You can register for future classes on our facebook events page