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Expectant Moms: Please remember:

You are required to attend a "Baby Shower" class, in the last two months of your pregnancy. (you may take this class, up to two months after your baby is born)

- these are also listed on our webpage under "Events",on our Facebook page under Events, and posted the day before and the day of the shower,  on Facebook.

There will be a morning class that starts promptly at 10:00 am.

This will be the ONLY time you will be able to take the class

to get a crib  (if you qualify) and shop the layette room.



Our Services


                                    *  Maternity clothing bank

                                                *  Expectant/New parent support

                                                *  Newborn items (clothing , diapers, equipment)

                                                *  Safe sleep education

                                                *  Car seat safety

                                                *  Preemie Care packages (through Erin's Mercy)

                                       Already a parent?

                                                *  Children's clothing bank (infant thru teen sizes)

                                                *  Diaper bank (size 0-6)   Formula (as available)

                                                *  Halloween costume loan ( in October)

                                                *  Equipment loan; strollers, high chairs, etc. 

                                                *  Grief support 

                                                *  Family friendly events

                                                *  Community resources - Washington

                                                *  Community resources - Idaho




Rules and Guidelines for Services

   *You MUST show ID, Proof of address, Proof of income, and verification of children in the  home. EVERY VISIT.

    *    They MUST remain with you at ALL times
    *    Children MUST be accompanied to the restroom by an adult
    *    NO yelling, swearing, or disrespecting staff or clients.
    *    Absolutely, no food or drink in the clothing rooms or lobby.

    *   Please leave clothing rooms neat and clean for the next client
           - If you do not, you will be banned from future services.
    *   You may visit the children’s clothing bank once a month.
    *   The maternity bank may be visited in your 3rd - 8th months of pregnancy. 
    *   You may get diapers once a month.
           - Diapers are only given to children
           - Unless medically necessary-documentation required. 

   *    You may get formula once every 3 months.
           - As available·                                               

   *    You must make at least one donation every three months of usable items.   
           - We use the “pay it forward” method.   

   *   Bathroom is for checked in clients only.
   *   Checked in clients only, in the building for safety reasons.
   *   You may check out up to 3 pieces of equipment at a time.

By applying for assistance through Baskets for Babies,
you understand that our equipment is given on a “loaner” basis.
This means that you will return the items when your family no longer needs them.
Selling them is forbidden
and will result in termination of all future services,  and criminal charges will be filed.                                                                                     
We reserve the right to refuse service.


* all items are given on a first come first served basis- limited to stock on hand.


Baskets for Babies believes in networking with other local agencies, to serve the needs of the community in the best possible way!

Need diapers?  Need a car seat?  Need clothing?   Need food? 

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