Hats NEED to be 50% or more of any shade of PURPLE


Please use EITHER: all Gender-Neutral (Unisex) styles OR:

an equal number of Girl-Friendly and Boy-Friendly styles.


Please help us keep babies safe from choking and strangulation risks:

PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH DECORATIONS: pom-poms, tassels, straps, bows, ribbons, buttons, etc.


These hats keep babies’ heads warm outdoors during the colder winter months. Smaller stitches result in a warmer hat. The large, loose stitches (typically made by looms) tend not to provide enough warmth.


This type of knitting is allowed,but should be used with caution. Please ensure that the caps are not too LOOSE or too TIGHT for a comfortable fit around the baby’s head.

We are always in need of memory wraps, and hats for our memory box program.

Keep in mind, most of these are very small, as they are given to families who have lost and infant in the hospital.

*many patterns available on Pinterest
We ask that they are made in white, or soft  colors (light pink, light blue)

We will also accept hand made gowns, sewn from wedding dresses, or if you have a dress to donate, our volunteers will turn it into memory gowns or buntings.

We love hand made items, these are always that extra "hug" , full of love we can tuck into a layette.

  • Blankets of all kinds
  • Burp rags
  • Bibs with snaps or Velcro (no ties please)
  • Baby tag toys/blankies
  • Diaper bags

We would love to include a purple hat, for each new mom attending the class. We are always in need of people to make these hats.

Each and every day infants across North America are shaken and abused because the person caring for them became frustrated with their crying. Many times the abuse could have been prevented had the person caring for the infant only known that early infant crying may be normal.

During our infant safety classes (otherwise know as our Baby Showers,) we discuss many aspects of infant safety, including the Period of Purple Crying.