Annual Benefit Disc Golf Tournament

Inland NW Diaper Bank: INWDB works with the social workers and others from a large number of organizations.  (Including Baskets for Babies!) They choose to be a diaper bank because they can focus on identifying the best ways to help the community as a whole. As the liaison between diaper providing organizations across Spokane they can act on behalf of the community, and use  buying power to get diapers at the cheapest price possible.

The diaper bank had a great year! They distributed over 106,231 diapers! Including distributing 2,865 diapers to our organization, Baskets for Babies.

This event will be held at Spokane Valley Partners on April 27th, 2019- From noon to 3.

sign up required.  

Spokane Gives 2019 - Cup of Love Event

* registered low income parents attend a 2 hour infant safety class. Following the class they are escorted to our layette room,

to "shop" for their layette items.
~clothing, blankets, toys, bottles, new book,diapers, wipes, baby wash, and a sleep sack
(a parent or the infant's legal guardian must attend a class)

*Please bring ID & WIC folder


Upcoming Events

  • Larger coffee mugs /Mugs for dad too!                                                                                                     (we do get a few dads through and we love that!)
  • cards of encouragement
  • tissue paper
  • pretty pens
  • calendars or small note pads
  • candies
  • coffee cards
  • lipsticks, chap sticks, nail polish
  • nail files *mom (and dad) key chains
  • DAD items: car air fresheners, small pock tools,                                           small flashlights, ear buds, jerky...

Spokane Gives 2019 - Cup of Love Event

At Baskets for Babies, we teach many aspects of infant safety. Safe sleep, car seat safety, recall awareness, the period of purple crying and shaken baby syndrome.... With the stresses of being a new mom, we remind these moms, that it is o.k. to step back and take a breathe.. Than being a mom is a 24/7 job and they NEED to remember to nurture themselves. Last mothers day we gave our moms ( and a few dads) coffee cards, and a card of encouragement... at Christmas we gifted our moms lil goody bags. This Valentines we gifted our moms Cups of love,... We would love to be able to do this at every class this year, and with your help we can!

Stay tuned! ~ Coming August 31 2019!!